Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How a Baby Received His Name

This photo of the family of Robert Jenkins was taken in the early summer of 1901 in Charlottetown. The baby shown on his mother's lap had been born 27 April 1901. The Governor General of Canada, His Excellency Lord Gilbert Minto, and his wife visited Prince Edward Island later that summer. During the visit Robert somehow managed to present this photo of the family to Lady Minto, requesting that she name the baby. She called him Gilbert, after her husband, and he thus became Gilbert Minto Jenkins. This begs the question of what he had been called before, and what his birth name might have been registered as.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Addendum #1 - Nicolaus Henckell the Hessian

The first four-page Addendum has recently been emailed in PDF format to those who have the 3 volume set of the book Nicolaus Henckell the Hessian. If you have the book but have not received Addendum #1 via email, it is because I do not have your email address. If you do have the book and wish to receive further complete updates as they become available, please send an email with your name to me at

Also please remember to provide scanned copies of old family photos (with people identified) and additions and/or corrections to the above address, as a further addendum is planned for whenever there is sufficient material so that the information in the book may be kept up to date.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jenkins Photo of the Month - January

This photo was submitted by Roddie MacLean of his great-grandparents Caroline Amelia Jenkins, born 1852, died 1944, (daughter of George E. Jenkins and Susannah Marie Hawkins), with husband J. Benjamin Mutch and young son Robert Everett Mutch. R. E. Mutch (1876-1957) was baptized 21 April 1879, the occasion for this photo. They farmed in Earnscliffe, Lot 50, PEI. Al Mutch tells of his grandmother Amelia taking his sister on walks to the shore to gather kindling chips from an area where ships were built in the 1800s. See more on the family in Nicolaus Henckell the Hessian: A Genealogy of Jenkins Families of Prince Edward Island, Vol. I - p. 36.

Do you have old Jenkins photos? Please take time to share them with relatives via this site. You can have them scanned and emailed to me at . Include a story about the photo if you can, or about someone in the photo in general, but this is not necessary.

Meanwhile, always remember to put names lightly on the back of your old photos, and dates if you know them. Otherwise future generations will not know who is in the photo or its significance to family history, and might just throw them out.