Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Introduction to Doug's Genealogy

The purpose of this blog is to explore and exchange any information available concerning descendants of Nicholas (Henckle) Jenkins and Peter Ballem (Ballum), two related families of 18th Century Prince Edward Island, Canada.

It is planned to present their beginnings in Germany, their involvement as Hessian soldiers in the American Revolutionary War, and their arrival in Prince Edward Island. Also to be covered will be some of their descendants. Particular attention will be given to what has been made public in the past, problems with some of that information, and corrections to published information where available. Most importantly, conflicting information from the past will be posted in the hopes that others may be able to help with sorting out the correct details.

All of this is in the context of preparing a book on the genealogy of each of these families. To date I have information on more than 17,700 Jenkins descendants, and about 2,500 Ballem/Ballum descendants.

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bluesma said...

a widow of an unknown BAUM, thought to have been a German Loyalist, arrived at St John's Island (now PEI) in 1783. Very pregnant, she and her son Peter Baum, age unknown, arrived on the ship "POLLY" as part of a Loyalist immigration. She became the 2nd wife of NICHOLAUS HENKELL who changed his name to Nicholas Henkell Jenkins after arriving on the island.

The child born in 1783 was named William Jenkins. The arrival info above was taken from a survey questionaire completed by William.

Does anyone have any other info on her prior to PEI?