Monday, August 20, 2007

Treysa & Ziegenhain Photos

Modern map showing Schwalmstadt, Germany, with Treysa on the left and Ziegenhain to the right. They were amalgamated in 1970, along with some outlying villages, to form Schwalmstadt. Nicholas was born in Treysa, and served in the army from Ziegenhain. (click on the photos to enlarge them)

Ziegenhain, Germany. It was here that Nicholas became a soldier, and departed from here for America on 3 March 1776 as Drummer in the von Knyphausen Regiment. He was also discharged from the regiment here in April 1785.

Steinerne Haus, Ziegenhain, much as it would have been when Nicholas was there.

Schuhmacher, or shoemaker, shop in Treysa. Young Nicholas would have learned the trade from his father Johan Hermann Henckel, who was a Master Shoemaker, before becoming a soldier. In addition to farming, Nicholas also did leather work in PEI.

Tor zur Schwalm in Treysa, Germany. Nicholas was born in Treysa 28 March 1775. Many buildings such as this are as they were when Nicholas lived there.

A 1954 photo of the Rathaus restaurant in Treysa.

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Fred said...

I draw your attention to the dating of 1954. This clearly cannot be so because the cars are bearing ZIG Kennzeichen a series which did not start until 1956. Also note the Mercedes Benz which -a model not introduced until the late 60s. My stab at dating the photo would be nearer 1970.