Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jenkins Picture Puzzle

Robert & Margaret Jenkins's Family - 1898

Robert & Margaret Jenkins's Family - 1901

Robert & Margaret Jenkins's Family - 1911

Shown above are three photos of the family of Robert Jenkins of Mount Albion, Lot 48, PEI. Who knows the names of those in the 1898 and 1901 photos in the order in which they appear? I am almost certain, but not positive, as to which is which. But I would like your help in finding out for certain. Who can help me solve the puzzle? Please email your answers to me at .

Now, in order to help you, I will give you the dates of birth of the family. Robert was born January 1849, and his 2nd wife Margaret November 1859. From his 1st marriage to Jessie Currie were born Robert Harold (June 1873), Ludlow (November 1875), James Daniel (December 1877), Jessie Winnifred (December 1879), Henry Marshall (August 1881), Parkman (August 1883), Frederick (May 1885), Susan Margaret Jane (August 1887), and Earle Goodspeed (October 1889). From the 2nd marriage were born John Spurgeon (January 1891), Arthur Emerson (August 1892), Hannah Belle (November 1894), Mary Victoria (December 1895), Minnie Laura (February 1898), Chrystie Doctor (May 1899), Gilbert Minto (April 1901), Edna May (May 1904), and William Robert (March 1907).

If you find these photos interesting, let me know, and I can post others of this family in casual scenes for you to identify also.

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