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Nicholas’ Daughter Susannah

As previously stated, family tradition has said that Nicholas’ daughter Susannah was born about 1778/1779 in Hanover, Germany. The only documentation for this date is in the 1881 Census of Lot 49, PEI where she was listed as aged 102, born in Germany. A search of all church baptismal records at the Stadtarchiv, Hanover for the period 1775-1782 turned up no record for either John or Susannah, in fact for no Henckel at all during that period. [Source: Letter of 31 Aug 1979 from Stadtarchiv, Hanover to Beryl (MacDonald) Barrett] Either her assumed age or place of birth (or both) is probably incorrect, as her father had left home before 3 Mar 1776 for America when only 20 years old.

On 18 December 1785 a daughter, Susanna, was born in Treysa, Germany to Nicolaus Henckel, master shoemaker and his wife Elizabeth nee Robinson, born in New York. One of the witnesses was Susanna Beckmerin. Although Susanna's birth date has been shown to be later than had been previously thought, family lore has said she was born in Germany, and this was recorded in the same town in Hessen Cassel where her father Nicolaus had been born. Thus she would be a product of Nicholas’ second marriage, not his first. Susannah died aged 98 on 14 May 1884, possibly in Greek River, and was buried in Birch Hill Cemetery, Lot 49. Her plot was reportedly surrounded by a wrought iron fence with grave markers attached, which was removed for maintenance in the 1930s and subsequently lost. She is the only child of Nicholas whose date of birth has been found. Susannah was known as "Aunt Sukey" or "Sookey".

Susannah was married some time before 1808 to Thomas Robertson, believed born about 1780, with date of death and parents unknown. They lived in Mount Albion, Lot 48, PEI, and later moved to Greek River, Lot 63. He was a Carpenter and Teacher. When they moved, the house they had built in Mount Albion was used as the first school in the community. They had four children as follows:

1. Nicholas Robertson, born 26 February 1808, died 17 October 1885, and buried in Birch Hill Cemetery, Lot 49, PEI. He married Maria MacPherson 27 December 1831 and had 14 children.

2. Thomas Robertson, born about 1810. He married Sarah Hume 4 March 1840 and had 1 child.

3. James Robertson, born about 1812, died 1895. He married first Mary Murray 1841 and had 7 children. She died 11 August 1857, and James married second Mary Jenkins 26 September 1862, with no issue from this marriage.

4. Eleanor Robertson, born about 1815, died before the 1881 Census. She married James Bishop 30 December 1834 and had 7 children.

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AnnaLee said...

In regards to Thomas Robertson Jr, it seems he had at least two children - the Baptismal Index notes daughter Margaret Ann born in 1852, and in 1891, a widowed Thomas Robertson aged 82, PEI/Scotland/Germany lived with Eunice (Robertson) & her husband Charles Hume in Lot 62. Charles & Eunice had at least two boys and moved to Massachusetts; a Margaret Ann Robertson and William Dorsey had a daughter Sarah Isabella in Gloucester, MA in 1875 according to the Baptismal Index. Can't find them in the census records though. Does anyone know who Sarah Hume was?