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Nicholas’ Oldest Son from His first Marriage

As previously stated, family tradition has said that Nicholas’ oldest son John was born in Hanover, Germany about 1777. A search of all church baptismal records at the Stadtarchiv, Hanover for the period 1775-1782 turned up no record for either John or his sister Susannah. In fact for no Henckel at all during that period in Hanover. [Source: Letter of 31 Aug 1979 from Stadtarchiv, Hanover to Beryl (MacDonald) Barrett]. As Nicholas had left Ziegenhain, Germany 3 March 1776 at age 20, it is highly unlikely that John was born in Germany, but more probably in New York or Pennsylvania. No birth or christening records have been found to date anywhere.

According to Ludlow Jenkins, John lived for a short while in Mount Albion, Lot 48, PEI before moving to Seal River, Lot 49 and finally to Alberry Plains, Lot 50. A land conveyance of 70 acres on Township #49 from David Gay to John Jenkins was dated 2 May 1808 and registered 3 May 1808. [Liber 13, Folio 419] There must have been some animosity between John and his father, for when Nicholas died John was left only "five shillings should he demand it". The "Examiner" of 16 July 1866 said John died 20 June in Lot 49 after some years illness aged 89 years.

John married Christene Anne MacGregor, born 1788 (probably in Nova Scotia), daughter of John MacGregor, and died 1866 in PEI. Their burial place is unknown. They had 8 children as follows:

1. Catherine Jenkins, born about 1811, died 2 October 1883, and buried in Murray Harbour South Cemetery, Lot 64, PEI. She married Obediah White 24 December 1831 and had 9 children.

2. John J. Jenkins, born about 1816, died 29 January 1883, and buried in Union Cemetery, Union Road, Lot 51, PEI. He married Mary Mellish 24 February 1842 and had 7 children.

3. Elizabeth Ann Jenkins, born about 1817, died 19 May 1879, and buried in Murray Harbour South Cemetery, Lot 64, PEI. She married John Hooper 4 July 1839 and had 8 children.

4. George E. Jenkins, born 5 August 1819, died 9 April 1898, and buried in Birch Hill Cemetery, Lot 49, PEI. He married Susannah Marie Hawkins 9 October 1850 and had 8 children.

5. Thomas M. Jenkins, born 28 January 1821, died 28 January 1892, and buried in Murray River Cemetery, Lot 63, PEI. He married Sarah Jane Gray Jenkins 21 November 1848 and had 12 children. Thomas and Sarah were half first cousins (their fathers were half brothers).

6. Caroline Hayden Jenkins, born 1822, died 9 May 1919, and buried in Birch Hill Cemetery, Lot 49, PEI. She never married, lived with her brother George, and died at the home of nephew Giles Jenkins in Millview.

7. William Jenkins, born about 1824. He reportedly left PEI to possibly go to New York or out West.

8. Isabella Jenkins, born 13 April 1831, died 30 October 1898, and buried in Lower Montague United cemetery, Lot 59, PEI. She married James I. Phillips 4 March 1861 and had 3 children.

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