Monday, August 25, 2008

German Research Update

Sorry for not updating this site more often, but I have been quite busy preparing for our visit to Treysa and Ziegenhain. We leave in about a week, and the time since my last entry has been taken up with trying to establish one or more contacts. I have received suggestions from coast to coast on whom I might write, received help to have my letters translated into German, and sent numerous emails and one letter. For all of these efforts I have received only one reply from Germany, and that only saying that they were passing my message on to someone else, from whom I have yet to hear. I'm not sure now if I will even be successful in talking with anyone who might be able to help once I get there. Oh well, just like buying something online, we pay our money (in this case for the trip) and take our chances.

It goes without saying that I will be tying to get in contact personally with any of the people who have been suggested to me that I wrote. I plan to visit the "Museum of the Schwalm" in Ziegenhain, which has on display much of the dress and customs of the people of the area. I also plan to take lots of photos of the older buildings and anything that might have been there when our Nicholas was about. Just generally trying to immerse myself in the place. It will still be interesting, but it would certainly have helped if I had some idea of what kind of reception I might receive while there. Regardless, I will keep you posted on what, if anything, I find out that will be of interest from the trip.

With regards an update on progress re publishing a history of Nicholas (Henckel) Jenkins and his descendants: We now have over 18,700 of his descendants and spouses on file. While as many additions as received are being added, time is mainly being used to improve the accuracy of what we already have, expand on the extensive listing of sources to back up what we have, and make corrections as necessary. Please pass the word that the process is rapidly nearing a point where the decision is made to publish what we have without gathering any more. We have now reached the point of diminishing returns for the additional effort that is being expended. If anyone has anything to contribute, or knows of someone who has, or just wants to know if we have what they have to offer, please email me soon at . Also, if anyone has old photos at least 90 years old of Jenkins relatives, or any old journals, day books, etc., please let me know so we can arrange to have them scanned for possible inclusion in the book. By the way, it looks now like it will have to be in two volumes and total about 1,000 pages. Any and all assistance to our committee of three (Paulette McNally, Hazel Sanford and me) will be very greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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