Saturday, September 20, 2008

In the Land of the Henkels - September 2008

"Totenkirche" by night

"Totenkirche" (Church of the Dead)

Rathaus, or Town Hall, Treysa

What a wonderful time we had in Treysa (pronounced ‘Try-za’), the town of our ancestors! But it didn’t appear to start out that way.

As mentioned in an earlier entry, my wife Evelyn and I are both descended from Nicholas Henckell who was born there in 1755, and also from Peter Baum. We were not quite sure what to expect as we approached Treysa by train from Frankfurt September 15, 2008. In preparation for the visit I had sent numerous emails to various people, but with little in reply to give us any hope of success. However, upon mid afternoon arrival at Hotel Stadt, the proprietor immediately began to offer assistance, and couldn’t have been more helpful during the entire visit. She tried unsuccessfully to phone everyone we had written. However, it was soon determined that the church records of births, christenings, confirmations, deaths and burials contained in the Evangelische Kirkenbuch for Treysa were located in archives in Kassel. Being late in the day, we set out to take photos of some of the older buildings which would have been there in Nicholas’s time, and to familiarize ourselves with the town.

Later that evening we learned that a meeting had been arranged for early the next morning with someone who might be able to help us. After taking some night photos, we returned to the hotel for the night, wondering if we might find out anything the next day. (to be continued)

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