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Day Two in Treysa

Hotel Proprietor and Doug. She made all of the appointments for me. Many thanks.

Genealogist/Historian, Interpreter, and Doug in Treysa. They were extremely helpful. I couldn't have done any of this without them. Thanks again.

Nicholas's Parent's Marriage Record as found in the Church Record Book for Treysa, Germany.

Nicholas Henkel's Birth Record as found in the Church Record Book for Treysa, Germany.

What a difference a day makes!

Contact had been made with a local genealogist/historian, and an interpreter was to meet with Evelyn and I at 9:00 am. In order to keep them from being swamped with requests for research, their names are not included. Not being sure of what to expect, we were encouraged when we were shown a copy of my detailed German letter which had been sent out months before, but with no reply having been received by us. I’m still not sure how he got a copy of it, but very thankful to whoever passed it on to him. He gave us a sheet full of details on Nicholas, his parents, grandparents, their families, and containing more than a few surprises. The interpreter had never been exposed to genealogy before, but the more we talked, the more interested she became in the story, and more excited too. So interested, in fact, that they had to be reminded to include Evelyn and I in the conversation from time to time so we would know what was being said. The following is some of what was revealed:

Johann Heinrich Henckel had come originally to Treysa from Mengshausen/Niederaula, about 30 km east of Treysa. In 1737 he had been listed as a Maurer (Mason) and Tagelöhner (Day Labourer). He had been born about 1700, and buried before 1743. He married in the Stadtkirche, Treysa, in 1722 Elizabeth Lotz, who was buried 13 Oct 1732 aged 32 years. They had the following child:
1. Johann Hermann, born 21 Aug 1727, christened 25 Aug 1727, with Godparent Johann Hermann Walrab [Ref. Treysa Kirchenbuch, p. 54]. Note the German custom of naming the child after the Godparent.

Johann Hermann Henkel, son of Johann Heinrich Henckel and Elizabeth Lotz, was listed in 1770 as a Master Shoemaker, and buried 28 May 1787. He married first 7 May 1752 in the Stadtkirche, Treysa, Anna Elizabeth Otto, born 19 Dec 1718, confirmed 1734, daughter of Andreas Otto and Anna Martha Sohl. Anna Elizabeth must have died before 1760, for he married second 19 Oct 1760 Susanna (nee Henkel), born 1737, confirmed 1751, daughter of Master Baker Johann Wilhelm Henkel. Johann Hermann died in 1787, and Susanna was married second on 13 Jan 1791 to widower, Sockenstr. [translation of italized words uncertain] Adam Korell, son of the Church Warden. Note that there were two distinct families of Henkels living in Treysa, Nicholas’s father being a Master Shoemaker, and his step-mother’s Henkels being Master Bakers. We will refer to this again.

Johann Hermann Henkel and 1st wife Anna Elizabeth Otto had the following children:
1. & 2. Twins ': a girl born dead, and Kunigunde, born 15 Aug 1757, GodParent: White binder Hermann Otto' s daughter. [other child’s name either not included or not legible]
3. Anna Catharina, born 28.01.1753, confirmed 1767, GodParent: Mother’s sister, Schneider Gehrke' s wife. Anna Catharina married 4 Jan 1778 widower Master Shoemaker George Biedebach, son of Peter Biedebach.
4. Nicolaus, born 21 Mar 1755, confirmed 1768, GodParent: Ackerman, Nicolaus Wetzel. [Nicholas would have been 5 years old when his father remarried].

Johann Hermann Henkel and 2nd wife Susanna Henkel had the following children:
5. Martha Elizabeth, born 25 Jul 1761, GodParent: her Mother’s Mother, wife of Wilhelm Henkel.
6. Johann Caspar, born 16 Aug 1763, GodParent: Woolweaver Johann Caspar Bach. Johann Caspar Henkel married M. E. Henkel.
7. Elisabeth, born 03 Nov 1771.

Nicolaus Henkel was listed in 1785 as a Master Shoemaker, der mit [living with?] Mrs. Entwichene. Treysa records say he "married Elizabeth Rapsis (Rappison) of New York (supposed Robinson) with illegitimate child Anna Maria born about 1778 in New York, died 27 Nov 1787 in Treysa, aged 9 years." Nicholas and Elizabeth had the following children born while living in Treysa:
1. Johann Georg, born 13.05.1784, GodParent: Brother-in-Law George Biedebach, Shoemaker, who had married Anna Catharina Henkel, Hermann Henkel' s daughter. [Note: This is the missing birth record for John (Henkel) Jenkins who died in Prince Edward Island 20 Jun 1866].
2. Susanna, born 15 Dec 1785, GodParent: Wagoner Johann Becker' s daughter. [Note: This is the birth record for Susanna (Henkel) Jenkins who died in Prince Edward Island 14 May 1884. Unless the Godparent’s name was Susanna, she might have been named after Nichols’s step-mother].

Andreas Otto was listed in 1690 white binders Wall way 69 (4) born about 1678, buried 09 Nov 1731, were Catholic (killed in the forest by a fallen tree?), married Anna Martha Sohl, who was listed about 1737 as a Midwife. She was born 20 May 1688, buried 22 Feb 1761, daughter of Hans Hermann Sohl and A. G. Friauf. [Now we have Nicholas Great-Grandparents names]. Andreas Otto and Anna Martha Sohl had the following children:
1. Johann Hermann, I born 19 Dec 1712, buried 28 Jan 1759, GodParent: Hans Hermann Sohl.
2. Johann Jacob, born 17 Oct 1714, confirmed1729, GodParent: Andreas’s Father-in-Law’s Son.
3. Anna Catharina, born 04 Sep 1716, GodParent: Ludwig Stephan's wife. She married 07 Apr 1744 Johannes Gerke from Marburg.
4. Anna Elizabeth, born 19 Dec 1718, confirmed 1734, GodParent: Hans Hermann Sohl ' s wife. [KB p.445]. She married 07 May 1752 shoemakers, Johann Hermann Henkel.
5. David, born 08 Aug 1721, GodParent: Andreas’s cousin from.Merzhausen
6. Daniel, born 07 Apr 1723, GodParent: Andreas’s father-in-law
7. Andreas, born 13 Mar 1724, GodParent: Johann Jacob, the brother of Andreas’s wife.
8. Johannes, born 03 Nov 1726, confirmed 1741, GodParent: Wine Owner(?), Johannes Schnödt.
9. Martha Elizabeth, born 21 Aug 1730, GodParent: Blacksmith Christoph Sohl' s wife. She married 24 --- 1753 gewesn. Dragoon Peter Vollprecht, brother-in-law of the Father.
(To be continued)
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