Friday, April 30, 2010

April Photo of the Month

Mount Albion School, Lot 48, PEI.

Can anyone help identify the teacher and pupils? What year was this photo taken?

Please send whatever names you can to me at: demacdonald (at) .If you can help with this, I have an older photo of the same school to try later.

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hawken said...

Hello Mr. Macdonald,My name is Peter Ballem,I am reading your blog with great interest...I too have eliminated Col.Baum as a descendant although he sounds as a good one to be descended from.Fought a great battle (and lost).twas the Americans first significant win in the war,you could say he was ultimately responsible for the United States.Or was there at its inception,lol.
In our family we have the Brandywine story handed downthat Peter's father died there.
Is it possible to see how Peter's mother claimed her lot( Land Registry) as a grant from the army or was it bought outright ,this would establish the claim from the army as tru or not.
I can talk to my Aunt Ethel she is in Summerside (full of stories.)if you'd like.