Monday, October 10, 2011

Miscellaneous Updates

Glad to see more than 10,600 visits so far to this blog. I hope you find something of interest in your quest to add to your knowledge of the Jenkins and Ballem families.

I regret not having posted in a long time, but there have been problems in posting articles to this blog. Also, I broke my arm just over a year ago, and it still has neither the strength nor mobility that the other arm has. Before you feel too sorry for me, I broke it while ice-skating on a cruise ship in the eastern Mediterranean. It was initially set on board, but had to be re-broken when I got home, and plate and pins installed.

My book Nicolaus Henckell the Hessian: A Genealogy of Jenkins Families of Prince Edward Island has been well received, and the 3-volume set is selling well too. As requested in the book, I welcome all additions, corrections, or errors. When sufficient information has been received, it is planned to publish a fourth volume to the set. Meanwhile, four addenda, with a total of 26 pages, have been emailed to those who purchased the book whose address I have. If you have purchased the book, but have not received the addenda, please let me know. Email me at demacdonald[at]pei[dot]sympatico[dot]ca, remembering to complete the areas in brackets properly. (Sorry for any confusion, but an address presented in this way helps lessen spam.)

On a related note, have you tried to read any of the comments to the postings? Most of them appear to be in an oriental font, and are unreadable. I welcome comments, but please send them directly to me rather than posting to the blog.

Now for a family related puzzle:

Does anyone have information on Amelia Jenkins of Millview, PEI, who was married 3 March 1874 to Samuel Jardine? Whose family are they? Do they have any family?

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Brenda Hensley said...

I have a huge Jenkins family from the Charlottetown area. Wondering if they are all related. Mine came to PEI from Cornwall, England. Not sure where they were from before then. Would love to correspond. Jenkins is my maternal line.